Triumph Barbell Presents: Earth Movers 2018

Saturday, April 21 2018, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM [EST]


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USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Meet Partial Approval -$40.00

Must be a USAW member to participate.

Triumph Total Registration Partial Approval - $40.00

Consists of 3 lifts. 1) Max Thruster From Rack 2) Max Power Clean 3) Max Deadlift

USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting Meet (Men Only, Women sold out) Partial Approval -$55.00

Triumph Total Late Registration Partial Approval - $55.00

Paid Lifter Admission Partial Approval -Free

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Event Information

Saturday, April 21 2018, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM [EST]

About the Event

Triumph is very excited to be hosting the second annual Earth Movers. On April 21, we'll be having our two part event. Part one will be a USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet. It consists of two lifts the snatch and clean and jerk. Three attempts will be made at each lift with the total of your two best lifts combining towards one total. For more explanation on how weightlifting meets are conducted click the link below. *You must have a valid USAW membership to participate in part 1, the USAW sanctioned weightlifting meet*

If you're not particular to weightlifting but like to have some fun and compete join us for part two of the Earth Movers. Part two consist of three lifts and what we're calling the Triumph Total. Max thruster from a rack, max power clean and max dead lift. It will be conducted just like the weightlifting meet being that each lifter will conduct three lifts of each movement with the best lift in each totaling your score. 

If you're not keen on doing copious amounts of burpees, wall balls and kettle bell swings we normally see in CrossFit classes it is a perfect meet for you! 

*All scores will be based off the Sinclair total.

About the Organizer

We are your premier choice for CrossFit Training in the Northern Kentucky area! We’re conveniently located in Florence Kentucky off I-75 and Industrial Road. Our training staff is best in class with over 40 years of combined experience backed by 30 plus certifications and growing. We pride ourselves in offering superior strength and conditioning coaching.